City temporarily shuts down Foxy Lady after prostitution arrests


The Providence Board of Licenses voted Wednesday to temporarily shut down the Foxy Lady in response to three prostitution arrests.
The panel voted to close the strip club until another Board of Licenses meeting Thursday night.

Providence police asked the board to close the venue, citing ongoing public health and safety concerns.

“This is a prostitution parlor. We’re not going allow it, so we’re going do whatever we can to shut it down,” Maj. David Lapatin of the Providence Police Department said.
Michelle San Miguel
Board has voted to close the Foxy Lady until another Board of Licenses meeting is held tomorrow night. @NBC10

Michelle San Miguel
Providence police asks the city’s Board of Licenses to close the Foxy Lady citing ongoing public health and safety concerns. @NBC10

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1:20 PM – Dec 12, 2018
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Police said they arrested three employees of the strip club on charges of soliciting for prostitution.

Authorities identified the women as Neish Rivera, 25, of Providence; Lindsay Hoffman 30, of Waterbury, Connecticut; and Melissa McNeely, 32, of Madison, Connecticut.

According to police reports, all three women invited undercover officers to a downstairs “VIP room” where they indicated sexual activities were available for $300.

Club manager Richard Angell told NBC 10 News management was unaware of what was allegedly going on, but police believe they not only knew about the prostitution, but were also cashing in on it.

“It was very odd not to be aware,” Lapatin said. “Everything about that last night showed a routine that had probably been going on for a long time.”

Investigators suspected prostitution was happening at the club after a female dancer told police a man sexually assaulted her in one of the club’s private rooms last month.

The man accused of sexually assaulting the dancer has not been charged yet, which is why he’s not being named. His case is going to a Grand Jury.

The women were released and scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 20, with police adding that there might be more arrests.

Meanwhile, regulars at the Foxy Lady are waiting to find out if the club’s annual Christmas party this Friday is still on.

“I could care less when they’re having their big Christmas party,” Lapatin said.

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